April 14, 2020
KPO statement on COVID-19 status

With the COVID-19 outbreaks on the increase worldwide including Kazakhstan and the introduction of the State of Emergency, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) is currently undertaking all possible measures to mitigate the risks of the virus’s spread among its personnel and local community.

To date, no KPO employee has been infected with the virus. KPO non-business critical national staff have been switched to smart remote working, with the remaining core personnel enabling KPO to continue operating in a safe and responsible manner.

KPO has stopped arrival of all expats except for the select few business critical positions, whose presence in Karachaganak is essential for ensuring business continuity for production facilities and capital expenditures projects. This has been authorized by the RoK State Commission for the Emergency Situation in relation to the several largest international projects. It is clearly understood that those few individuals, will be subjected, as per RoK requirement, to COVID-19 testing and 14-day isolation.

Our local staff rotations are limited to those in WKO, we are currently not rotating staff from and to other Oblasts. As soon as the RoK government allows this we will implement this in full compliance with all testing and isolation requirements.

Despite the challenges associated with the ongoing all-out battle with the virus, KPO must stay focused on its key business objective, which is a safe operation of the giant Karachaganak field for the continued generation of revenue for the Republic. Besides, keeping the field running during this precarious time means thousands of jobs that provide for many more households across the region and beyond.

KPO is ahead of target with 2020 production volumes approved by the Authority and Partners. In general, the reliability of KPO production operations remains stable.

The Venture remains committed to delivering outstanding performance.  In spite of the impact of current low oil prices, KPO is not planning to reduce its personnel.

When we say we will try to manage the risk of spreading the virus, this means more than just focussing on our own staff and our contractor staff. For example, KPO is helping the Burlin region by purchasing items of medical needs to prepare for the COVID-19 medical care. These purchases include lung ventilators for use at the Intensive Care Units, infrared thermometers, COVID-19 rapid test kits, bedside patient monitors, ECG apparatus, infusion pumps, laboratory analysers and various other infection control supplies. We do this as a responsible neighbour willing to help beyond the needs of our own company. Similarly, KPO is providing support to the District authorities in equipping the checkpoints and patrolling to ensure that the ongoing WKO lock-down measures are properly enforced and implemented.

Looking forward, KPO remains committed to its obligations with the Republic and will do everything within its power to protect the health and safety of its personnel and community. At present KPO has all necessary resources, expertise and facilities to implement the quarantine measures as prescribed by the RoK health authorities and to deal with COVID-19 in terms of both prevention and treatment.

KPO Corporate Affairs Department