January 31, 2020
Recognising Professionals

Fire Brigade No35 providing services for BCPS was recognized as the best one upon the outcomes of the professional competition. The fire fighters were awarded Golden Axe of Firefighter and Certificate in recognition of their high performance. The award was given by Allegro Nicola Field Manager.

The Best Fire Brigade and the Best Unit-based Gas Rescue Team competition was announced and conducted by KPO. Fire brigades from infield facilities, BCPS and AT participated in the contest. The contest was finalized by KPO on the 30th of January, 2020.

The winner of the competition Fire Brigade 35 was awarded Golden Axe of Firefighter and Certificate in recognition of their professional services. The award was presented by Allegro Nicola Field Manager. The winner of the Best Gas Rescue Team contest was KPC Gas Rescue Team who were awarded an Award Certificate.

The award ceremony was also attended by: Kade Greenwood Ops HSE Manager, Rhodes Martin John KPC Manager, O’Neill Warren James Unit-2 Manager, Alexander Okhrimenko Emergency Response Team Leader, Sergei Ovchinnikov Unit-2 HSE Superintendent, Rauan Kairgaliyev WKO Burlin District Emergency Department Head, Sansyzbay Kuzenbayev WKO Ort Sondirushy branch Director, Adilbek Kubenov AkBeren (National Command Centre of Professional Paramilitary Emergency Rescue Services)  West Kazakhstan branch Director, commanders and crews of the fire brigades and site-based gas rescue teams.

In his speech Allegro Nicola Field Manager said: ‘During 2019 we received positive feedback regarding performance of fire stations and gas rescue teams. KPO management highly appreciates professional skills of your staff. I hope that in the future we will continue effective cooperation to ensure fire safety, emergency prevention and response at KPO facilities.’

The contest is conducted on an annual basis amongst KPO fire and emergency rescue brigades and site-based gas rescue teams. Assessment criteria include professional training and skills of fire fighters and gas rescuers, response to emergencies, condition of the emergency rescue equipment, interaction with the facilities as well as prevention of fires and other emergencies.


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