July  8, 2013
KPO employee successfully completes master's degree programme of UK University

Aksai, West-Kazakhstan oblast, 4 July 2014 – Aigerim Sarguzhieva, KPO Contracts and Procurement Manager, successfully completed training at Cranfield University Business School (United Kingdom), with specialization in logistics and supply-chain management.

Services Director Christopher Circuit stated: "KPO makes every effort  to ensure the professional growth of its Kazakh employees, this plays a  key role in the success of the company.

“Over the past few years, KPO has invested more than $178 million in personnel training and development, utilising  international experience, its own educational resources, and partnerships with well-known Kazakh and foreign educational institutions”- he added.

In turn, Aigerim Sarguzhieva noted: “I am delighted that, with the support of the company I was able to obtain a Master of Science degree of the prestigious University of Cranfield, which, according to the Financial Times, is one of the world's best business schools.  I am sure that now I can manage my Department’s production processes and the resources more efficient”.

Training and Development Manager Yelena Zemlyanskaya said: “KPO has developed a strategy for the development of local personnel which provides for the continuous professional development of employees and development of their leadership and management capacity.

“KPO employees are distinguished by their high level of proficiency, their results-oriented performance, creativity, ability to learn and implement new thinking, and a strong commitment to corporate values”,- Yelena Zemlyanskaya added

KPO is one of the largest employers in the West Kazakhstan region. The company actively engages local professionals which not only improves the production capacity, but also promotes the more extensive development of the economic and intellectual potential of the West Kazakhstan region on a long-term basis.  Today, local personnel in KPO account for 69 percent of managerial positions, and 94 percent of supervisor positions and technical specialists.

KPO Corporate Affairs Department