Well done Gennadiy! KPO’s flag atop of Mount Elbrus

KPO employee Gennadiy Guchko is one of the first climbers of KPO to reach the summit of Mount Elbrus which is the highest mountain in Europe, Russia and the Caucasus, and the tenth most prominent peak in the world, located in the Caucasus Mountains.

This summer, Gennadiy made the second ascent of Mount Elbrus.  The first ascent was in July this year.  At that time, Gennadiy and his friends Alexey Kolbanov and Alexey Kalinin who are also KPO employees climbed the eastern top of Elbrus using the northern route through a wide and remote landscape of rolling green hills. This time, Gennadiy climbed Elbrus by northern route and he was only one KPO representative in the team consisting of 11 climbers who managed to reach the summit of Mount Elbrus. As soon as the climbing was over Gennadiy immediately raised Kazakhstan and KPO flags atop Mount Elbrus.  

“Climbing Elbrus is potentially harmful to health and the life of any of the participants. A huge role in this is played by instructors who take all necessary measures for the safe conduct of the climb.  It is strictly required to follow safety rules. Under the conditions that prevent a safe ascent, the instructor can decide to discontinue lifting, and this decision is not negotiable”, says Gennadiy.