The Karachaganak Project opens up new opportunities

Karachaganak project is one of the leaders in the oil and gas industry of the country in terms of the volume of goods and services it purchase from Kazakhstani producers. Since the signing of the Final Production Sharing Agreement, thousands of Kazakhstani companies have gained invaluable experience by working with the world-class project.

Thanks to cooperation with KPO, these companies managed to increase production volumes, transfer the latest technologies, and find partners to create consortia and joint ventures. Having risen to a new stage of industrial and intellectual development, these local companies have become desirable contractors for all major oil and gas projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan and are ready to go beyond it.

On April 2019, the consortium Bonatti and JSC Montazhspetsstroy were awarded by KPO the contract for the execution of the 4th Re - Injection Compressor Project on Unit 2.

The 4th Injection Compressor Project consist of a Compressor Island with a three stage centrifugal driven compressor, through a speed increasing gear box, by a MS5002D gas turbine and an associated dry sour process gas seal system.

One of the challenge of this project is to find the number of qualified personnel needed for the welding of F22 high-tick wall piping, whilst maximizing the involvement of local welders in such a complicated process.

Since the beginning of the project, the consortium started to train local personnel to enhance HSE skills, efficiency and productivity.

With this aim, on December 2019, the consortium mobilized all the needed equipment including a semi-automatic welding machine, Submerged Arc Welding (SAW), for the welding of F22 piping at its Base at Tungush (Burlin District) and in February 2020 started an intensive training process for the qualification of local welders including the SAW machine operators.

Out of 79 identified candidates today the consortium qualified 35 local manual welders and 4 local operators for use of the SAW technology for welding of F22 high-thick wall piping following training, qualification and mechanical test, and these personnel are currently welding for the Project. The majority of them are from the West Kazakhstan region.

This initiative is another example of successful cooperation of KPO with Kazakhstani producers in the framework of efforts to develop local content at the Karachaganak project.

Today, KPO helps local manufacturing companies to find partners among foreign companies and to establish joint ventures and consortia. This allows not only to create new jobs but also contributes to the transfer of technology and the development of new production capacity in Kazakhstan, as well as enabling local companies to meet international quality standards, which will allow them to expand markets by entering international markets in the future. In Q1 2020, the proportion of local content in KPO contracts for the supply of goods, works and services reached 59 per cent.