Promotion of healthy lifestyle

Health promotion is an integral part of the Health Management System aimed at increasing employee awareness of occupational and general health problems and how they can be prevented. Our Health Department continues to play an active role in raising the employee’s awareness of work-related illnesses and lifestyle changes necessary to improve their health and wellbeing. It not only helps employees but also translates into a more responsible attitude towards own health in their respective families.

Health promotion is comprised of the regular activities, such as toolbox presentations, posters and bulletins, and new initiatives.

In 2018, the Health Department started three new initiatives to implement in the next years:

  • Resilience Programme,
  • Care for People Programme,
  • Fatigue Risk Management Programme.

Resilience Programme

Resilience is the ability to cope with pressure and stressful events. It is a skill worth developing to maintain KPO’s performance. Industry experience demonstrates that resilience training not only increases individual resilience, but also improves team leadership, and Company’s employee engagement levels.

The KPO Resilience Programme is a free, voluntary, modular programme developed for small teams. The aim of the Programme is to develop a resilient workforce in KPO and to minimise the risk of stress-related illnesses (e.g. depression, alcoholism, suicide risk). Participating employees can choose to become resilience facilitators by undertaking a short and engaging training class run by Health Department. Following the training, facilitators run the modules for their colleagues during normal business meetings, supported by Health Department.

Care for People programme

Care for People (CfP) is a shared organizational value that drives individuals’ behaviors, and attitudes towards HSE and business performance. It is a way of working, where every effort is taken to ensure that every individual has what he needs in terms of both ‘hardware’ (e.g. facilities, equipment) and ‘software’ (e.g. respect, recognition) to perform his job best. KPO’s Care for People programme is based on six activities aiming at facilitating a cultural shift (see figure below).

KPO activities of the Care for People Programme

Fatigue Risk Management programme

Fatigue is the feeling of drowsiness or lack of alertness caused by lack of sleep.

Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) Programme outlines the management processes that minimize the risks of work-related injury or incidents due fatigue, through:

  • Identifying and recording HSE critical positions where fatigue risk may occur;
  • Conducting a fatigue risk assessment for those identified above;
  • Implementing fatigue risk controls and keeping fatigue risks as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP); Providing the FRM training for individuals identified as supervisors, who are in roles that apply FRM including potential contribution of fatigue risk as a consideration when investigating significant and high potential incidents.

As part of the FRM Programme implementation, KPO developed a FRM Procedure and FRM Training available to all employees through e-learning (via KPO Intranet), or face-to-face sessions provided by Health Department. The training is divided into three modules: Introduction to Fatigue, Fatigue Self-Management, and the Principles.