2019 HSE Improvement Plan

When designing annual HSE Improvement Plan, KPO select actions, which are over and above KPO`s day-to-day business activities, and aimed at further improvement. The Plan is built on the lessons learned over the past years and on the best practice.

New ‘theme’ approach was adopted in the preparation of the 2019 HSE Improvement Plan to ensure both Plan and KPIs support each other and the KPO HSE improvement priorities are achieved.

To reach a goal of no harm and no leak, main improvement themes were grouped in four blocks of ‘focus areas’:

  1. Leadership and safety culture;
  2. Risk management;
  3. Environment and energy- saving;
  4. Transport.

The 2019 HSE Improvement Plan consists of 33 key actions and improvements developed to ensure implementation of themes of each focus element. The Plan was 94% completed; delivery of a number of other actions is progressed a part of the 2020 Plan.