HSE Card programme

HSE Card programme has been successfully functioning at KPO since 2012 and has proved to be an effective HSE tool. The principle of the HSE Card is to provide feedback on safe/unsafe behaviour, potential hazards or initiate improving proposals in HSE areas by an employee, contractor or visitor. HSE card is available both in hard copy and online.

The programme performance in 2018 included:

  • over 28,000 observations were submitted throughout 2018;

  • over 13,000 interventions were made and corrective actions assigned out of the received HSE Cards, 99% of actions were closed by the year-end;

  • 27 Near Misses were reported via the HSE Card and further investigated thus potentially preventing more serious events from happening;

  • 13 HSE Card Committees functioned in 2018 supporting the HSE Cards processing and analysis over all units / sites / offices.

  • 142 HSE Card Committee meetings were held and 164 additional actions/initiatives were introduced based on observations data analysis;

  • 1,785 new observers were trained.

HSE Cards by type of observation, 2012-2018

In 2018, the contractors’ involvement in the HSE Card programme made 65% of the total number of observations. KPO granted companies access to the Synergi database to 14 contractor for registering their own observations. This resulted in increase of the HSE cards reported by those contractors.

Engagement of KPO vs Contractors in HSE Cards Programme, 2012-2018

Incentive Scheme

Results of the KPO Incentive Scheme aimed at encouraging personnel to focus on safe performance are the following:

  • Over 500 Company and contractor employees were awarded with promo gifts for active participation in the HSE Card Programme and for making significant observations /eliminating hazards/unsafe acts.

  • 75 employees were rewarded with monetary prizes for the best observations and valuable HSE improvement suggestions upon the quarterly results.

  • New Quarterly Award categories were introduced: «The Best Process Safety related observation» to reward for reporting critical issues relating to Process Safety Fundamentals.