HSE Engagement and Programmes

As a socially responsible company, KPO is fully committed to maintaining a fair and effective culture in Health, Safety and Environment. A number of multiple level engagement is conducted at KPO, including:

  • KPO introduced three Golden Rules, 11 Life Saving rules and 10 Process Safety Fundamentals.
    The Golden Rules provide a framework for how all KPO and Contractor employees must behave:
    • Comply with the law, standards and procedures;
    • Intervene on unsafe or non-compliant actions;
    • Respect each other and the community.
  • In 2018, KPO focused on raising hazard awareness and reporting culture of KPO and contractors employees. This included awareness workshops, development and distribution of awareness posters to all work sites, coaching of site KPO HSE personnel to improve proactive safety engagement. For instance, HSE network between the executives of Tengizchevroil (TCO), KPO and North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) was established with the aim to initiate cross-ventures collaboration and sharing experience in HSE and advocacy.
  • HSE meetings are regularly held at various levels in the Company to share lessons learnt and to discuss HSE topics and concerns. KPO contractors are also engaged in the discussions.
  • On 2nd October 2018, the KPO and Contractor Senior Management HSE Forum «Getting to Zero» was attended by the senior representatives from KPO and 49 contracting companies. The Forum was a great opportunity for KPO and Key contractor companies` leaders to understand criticalities, share experience and hold discussions on ways to improve and further strengthen an HSE culture within KPO and Contractor companies.
  • «KPO in Safety» is a cultural change programme built on the example of the previously applied «Eni in Safety» behavioural change programme and on the Shell initiative. «KPO in Safety 2018» programme was focused on discussions in small groups about the importance of everyone’s involvement in the safety culture focusing on the three themes: «Care» (looking after each other), «Complacency» (Risk Normalisation) and «Dilemmas». The programme was launched on 22nd May 2018 and continued through August, having involved over 6,000 KPO and contractor employees in 300 sessions.
  • The Winter Safety campaign continued in 2018 once again to remind employees and contractors about precautions to stay safe in winter time, whether working, walking or driving.
  • HSE Leadership and Management Tours programme encouraged KPO Managers to be visible in the workplace and interact with the workforce. In 2018, the number of the HSE leadership tours exceeded the minimum target set for the year: 82 leadership tours were conducted by Directors and Controllers against the planned 60 tours. 551 HSE management tours were held by facility and department managers against the planned 350.
  • Hazard Awareness and Incident Reporting campaign was launched in 2018 to increase awareness and engage contractors to correctly identify and report hazards as well correctly classify and report near misses and incidents in a timely manner. The campaign covered three levels: communication via posters on different topics, workshops for foremen and supervisors including practical tasks, and discussion at the Contractor’s HSE Forum amongst senior management.

Live Saving rules

KPO Life Savers programme target is to continuously remind everybody about basic safety rules to be followed while carrying out high risk activities which can result in serious injury or loss of life.  Eight topics are based on the eight types of activities undertaken in the company. In 2016 the new Life Saver on Stored Energy was developed to raise hazard awareness among employees.

1. Transportation,

2. Safe Systems of Work,

3. Confined Space Entry,

4. Hydrogen Sulphide,

5. Working at Height,

6. Lifting Operations,

7. Excavation,

8. Electrical Safety.

9. Stored Energy.

Every KPO employee, contractor and subcontractor is required to apply the KPO Life Savers and to act upon them.  Managers set an example and ensure that each Life Saver Topic is cascaded to all employees and contractors and personally encourage them to apply the Life Savers in their work.

The Life Saver requirements have been incorporated into site level check lists to monitor the compliance on a daily basis.