2018 HSE Improvement Plan

Annually KPO plans a number of HSE activities, which are over and above the day-to-day work, to create the HSE Improvement Plan for the following year. The Plan is based on the lessons learned in the past year and on the international best practices.

The Plan’s overall structure includes nine elements related to most important areas. Every element is actioned by relevant KPO division according to their role in the company-wide projects. The progress of the HSE Improvement Plan is monitored and reported on a monthly basis.

The following elements are included in the HSE Improvement Plan 2018:

  1. Compliance with HSE Management System,
  2. HSE Leadership & Supervision,
  3. Contractor HSE Management,
  4. Asset Integrity & Risk Management,
  5. Occupational Health,
  6. Environmental Management,
  7. Road Safety Management,
  8. Project HSE Management,
  9. Security.

The 2018 HSE Improvement Plan consisted of 55 key actions and improvements distributed and shared throughout all company directorates. Over 87% of the Plan were implemented with a few activities postponed to 2019.