Development of Local Suppliers’ potential

The ability to attract competitive local suppliers is one of the critical factors for successful implementation of the localization initiatives. Competitiveness of local manufacturers and service providers can be developed or enhanced through implementation of internal quality management standards and technical standards, and also advanced business management practices.

As part of the KPO Development of Local Suppliers’ Potential Programme, Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant and Aksaigasservice successfully implemented requirements of the ASME standards and passed certification for production and repair of pressure vessels in accordance with ASME, and obtained the rights of U and R stamping.

In order to attract investment for development of local production in the Republic of Qazaqstan, KPO continued working with international associations, such as the UK Department of International Trade, the Italian-Qazaq Trade Association and others, to raise the interest of international companies in establishing partnerships or creating joint ventures with Qazaqstani companies.

For example, on 23rd September 2019 KPO facilitated the organization of Qazaq-Italian Forum held by Kazservice and Eni in Nur-Sultan. KPO also took part in joint meetings, where provided information about its current and future activities.