Local companies’ competence development

Introduction of quality management systems and international technical standards, as well as the best practices in business management are believed to increase the competitiveness of local manufacturers and service provides. Availability of competitive local vendors is one of the critical factors for the successful implementation of the localization initiatives. Therefore, during 2018, KPO arranged the IPMA (International Projects Management Association) Project Management training for the supervisory staff of 17 local companies and the certification of three local suppliers as per ISO standards as a part of the suppliers’ development initiative.

In the past year, KPO initiated activities aimed at developing the capabilities of the local machine-building enterprises by arranging the implementation and certification in compliance with ASME standards applicable to pressure vessels fabrication and repair. Three machine-building enterprises, JSC Aksaigasservice, JSC Zenit Uralsk Plant and JSC Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant, implemented the requirements of ASME during 2018. Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant successfully passed the certification audits and received ASME certificates (U and R stamps) in 2018, and compliance audits for certification of the remaining two candidates was scheduled for 2019.

KPO plans to continue its efforts to develop local capabilities, which is not only important as a commitment to the Republic of Kazakhstan sustainable development but also to ensure that KPO keeps costs low in a sustainable way.