Local Content Policy

KPO seeks to maximize local content in development of the Karachaganak field. The main goal of the Company’s policy in local content enhancement is reduction of import and increase of domestic goods, works and services procured for the Karachaganak project needs. KPO Local Content development programme and actions are developed in line with the State and Industrial Programmes of the Republic of Kazakhstan, such as the Industrial — Innovative Development Programme, programmes for development of machine-building industry, industrialization and digitalization.

Our Local Content Policy is aimed at maximum contribution to sustainable development both of the Kazakhstan economy in general and the West Kazakhstan Oblast (WKO) in particular by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Identify and implement the potential of local producers for the needs of KPO;
  • Assist local producers in mastering manufacturing of new goods and equipment in Kazakhstan, including high-tech manufacturing;
  • Support local suppliers in setting up joint ventures in order to transfer technology and create jobs;
  • Promote professional growth of national personnel through training;
  • Ensure close cooperation with governmental authorities and associations for local content development.