Competency Management System

KPO Competency Management System is one of the most efficient methods of assessing the competency level of personnel.

The aim of the system is to achieve the required level of competency among technical staff, who operates hazardous industrial facilities, and to reduce and prevent any chances of potential incidents and accidents caused by lack of competency.  Given the results of conducted competency assessment, the system enables developing tools for further training of personnel and ensuring funds are spent as intended.

According to the Competency Management System (CMS) policy, any of contractor companies with a high or middle risk level of the contract working on Company sites or equipment shall develop and operate its Competency Management System.  The contractors’ personnel shall have the ability to demonstrate knowledge and practical skills to work safely, technically sound and within the defined boundaries of responsibility.  In 2019, KPO has started the requisite activities.  The key requirements and rollout stages are identified during the HSE audits of contractors.

KPO CMS was certified by ОPIТО in 2013. OPITO auditors conduct a compliance audit in KPO annually.  In August 2019, the KPO accreditation of the competence management system was extended till 30th September 2022.

The OPITO’s accreditation scope includes:

  • Five profession-oriented specialties: production  operators, electrical technicians, instrument technicians, mechanical technicians and foremen. In 2019, a supervisor position in Production & Maintenance was included in the scope
  • Six production units and departments, including KPC, Unit-3, Unit-2, Maintenance and Gathering. In 2019, the Eco Centre was encompassed into the scope of accreditation.

In 2019, 790 employees with technical qualification completed initial assessment and received CMS certificates.  As a result, KPO reached 87% of the competency standards’ compliance required for technical personnel.