Competency Management System

Effective competency management ensures that workflow is operated safely and in an efficient way, maximising productivity and ensuring employees capabilities. Management system encompassing performance and professional development of all staff members provides the organisation better qualitative control over risks and costs at every step of the competency management lifecycle (selection, assessment, training and development, staff deployment and carrying out job duties).

  • This system defines the requirements for personnel’s training and development allowing setting the following objectives:
  • Support in better planning of funds for training and development;
  • Development of an effective planning tool for training and development of employees with involvement of line managers;
  • Improvement of safety culture of all personnel involved in operations while reaching the required level of competency at workplace.

KPO Competency Management System (CMS) was approved and accredited by ОPIТО in 2013, and afterwards extended until June 2019 subject to conduction of annual surveillance audits. KPO was accredited by the following four specialized aspects: production department operators, electrical technicians, instrument technicians, mechanical technicians and foremen. The selected for audit units and departments included KPC, Unit-3, Unit-2, Eco Centre and Central Maintenance, and Gathering departments.

In 2018, pursuant to the approved “Competency Management System – Expansion Plan for 2018-2022”, the Production Department group responsible for the CMS, jointly with the Training & Development and Corporate Safety departments developed a standard for competency assessment for industry supervisors. The standard was developed for personnel working at the hazardous production facilities with the aim to mitigate risks of injuries, incidents, accidents, and to maintain asset integrity.

For launching this assessment, KPO developed the plan of integration with further accreditation by OPITO organization on the main three aspects of work: mandatory technical skills and knowledge, personal and managerial competency, and HSE competency. The process of the competency assessment of supervisors successfully commenced in November 2018 and is planned to be completed by end 2019. The re-assessment is scheduled every 5 years.

In 2018, KPO reached 93% of the competency standards’ compliance required for technical personnel. As a result, 878 employees with technical qualification have completed initial assessment and received CMS certificates.