KPO scholarship programme and partnership with universities

People is the most important value for our Company.  KPO continues enhancing its employees’ qualification and attract young professionals by cooperation with universities.

Scholarship programmes

KPO Scholarship Programme for national employees and their children is one of the constituent incentives for professional development and further education of employees.

In 2019, within of this programme KPO allocated KZT 31.9 mln (equivalent to US$ 82.3k) to sponsor scholarships for 19 KPO employees and 39 children.

Dynamics of participation in the KPO Scholarship Programme, 2009-2019

KPO partnership with Qazaqstani universities

KPO continues its cooperation with the Qazaqstani universities in order to attract young specialists. Interaction with universities is made through the Student Placement Programme based on the relevant agreements.

In 2019, 313 students from 31 educational institutions had practical and pre-graduate internship with 24 specialties in various departments of KPO. In the period from 2013 to 2019, the Company has employed 172 people out of those, who had passed the student placement.

The number of students who completed student internship at KPO from 2017 to 2019

Besides, KPO is involved in the National Youth Placement Programme, thereby supporting those graduates, who are residents of the Burlin district. Since the start of this programme in 2009, 175 young professionals completed such internship in KPO. In 2019, six graduates out of 33 who had completed internships were hired at KPO and four graduates were hired by KPO contractor organisations.