Personnel training and development

One of the main and continuous challenges for ensuring safe and effective production activities is preservation of the personnel`s professional skills and knowledge obtained at the Company by retaining the best Qazaqstani staff.

Individual approach to the needs of each employee is applied in training and development. The Company offers its employees specialised development programmes, including professional training inside and outside the organization, as well as opportunities for internship in the Parent Companies' assets.  Such approach requires continuous assessment and adaptation of development plans to each employees’ individual needs in certain areas of the Company activities. This also ensures effective monitoring of plans and budget, and training and development results in terms of personnel`s efficiency and competency.

During 2019, the Company implemented several specialized certified training programmes as well as professional and HSE mandatory courses.

Number of KPO personnel trained on the International Qualification certified programmes in 2019

Training statistics

In 2019, 686,708.6hours of training (454,470.97 hours in 2018) were held, of which 363,285.6 were provided to KPO employees (286,788.97 in 2018). The remaining 323,423 hours (167,682 hours in 2018) were spent on the HSE mandatory courses for the employees of the KPO contractor organizations. As responsible organization, KPO ensures mandatory HSE training for its contractor organizations.

Today, in 2019, 28,620 people were trained, 3,605 of them - KPO employees and 25,015 – contractor personnel.  Average training hours by Company`s employee are given in the following graph.

Average number of training hours per KPO employee by type, 2019

Enhanced Development Programme for 2017-2020

Enhanced Development Programme (EDP) for 2017-2020 is aimed at identifying high-potential local employees and further developing their skills. While implementing the programme, the participant`s individual development plans are created with the view of further appointment to managerial positions, which would help the Company successfully reach its business objectives. In 2019, KPO Training and Development Department continued to carry out training and development of the EDP participants. The focus was made on applying development tools, such as formal training, internship at the Parent Companies' assets, certified programmes and coaching.

As a personnel development tool, in 2019 considerable attention was given to coaching.  The seminar ‘International tendencies in coaching’ was held and had positive feedback from participants.  By the year-end, the percentage of engaged personnel trained with coaching tools reached 72%.

In 2019, within this programme KPO started the second group for development of leadership competencies conducted by Shell University.  This programme is aimed at development of leadership skills in managing yourself, team, and business.

While implementing the programme, all information on the existing Enhanced Development Programme was transferred to the SAP System, and application forms were created for participants to interact with assigned coaches and line management, as well as for process management by Training and Development Department.

Dual education

The programme of dual education has been practiced in KPO since 2005. In 2019, we continued the started in 2018 training in the Professional Development Programme for Production Operators and Mechanical Technicians in accordance with the international standard of the ОPIТО Oil & Gas Academy.

In May 2019, 48 trainees completed the theoretical module under this Programme on specialties of Production Operator and Mechanical Technician after which were directed to internship in Production & Maintenance departments.  By the end of 2019, 19 trainees were successfully hired by the Company.

In 2019, 36 trainees started the training programme on Production Operator and Instrument Technical and Electrical Technician.