Personnel training and development

Training and development of human resources has recently skyrocketed on the agenda for international O&G companies due to an ever-increasing value of technologies in all aspects of day-to-day life. Continuous professional advancement and development of national employees remains one of the highest priorities for our Company. This is implemented by means of either borrowing expertise from the Parent Companies or mandatory training by contracted educational institutions.

In keeping with the FPSA terms and conditions, training in KPO is conducted on the basis of operational needs and industrial safety requirements. In 2018, additional funds were allocated for development programmes that target high-potential employees.

KPO training and development programmes create opportunities for the employees to improve their competencies and fill in the skill gaps identified while benchmarking with the Parent Companies’ strategic plans. These include training, re-training and advanced training.

In 2018, KPO implemented several specialized certified training programmes as well as professional and HSE mandatory training professional development.

Number of personnel trained on the International Qualification certified programmes in 2018

Training statistics

In 2018, 454,471 hours of training were held, of which 286,789 were provided to KPO employees (220,706 in 2017). The remaining 167,682 hours were spent on the HSE mandatory courses for the employees of KPO contractor organizations. 

On the average in 2018, KPO spent US$ 133 for training per employee.  The average number of training hours per employee is shown in the following graph.

Average number of training hours per employee by type, 2018

Enhanced Development Programme for 2017-2020

For the period of 2017-2020 KPO launched the Enhanced Development Programme (EDP) aimed at identifying high-potential local employees and further developing their skills to reach maximum potential. The programme creates conditions to obtain knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable professional development and career growth. This would help the Company successfully reach its set goals and objectives.

Implementation of the Enhanced Development Programme is an integral part of the process of creating a personnel reserve and ensuring continuity in planning human resources as well as supporting the Programme for Increased Local Content in Staff for 2015-2020.

Since early 2018, KPO Training and Development Department has carried out a number of activities related to training and development of the EDP participants in line with their individual development plans, which also included quarterly meetings with KPO directors and the leaders from Parent Companies. The process of the EDP is based on applying development tools, such as coaching, internship at the Parent Companies' assets, formal training, certified programmes and mentoring.

The successful performance of the programme has translated into positive changes at the participants’ work, and may be evaluated through their further career development; this is also true for those who went through the 2018 training activities.

Mentoring is practiced as an additional development tool associated with the Enhanced Development Programme. This process is implemented through sharing of skills by Parent Companies' employees with the national staff. Mentoring helps employees develop their personal and managerial skills by coaching and experience exchange both with tutor and other programme participants. In career development, the primary responsibility rests with an employee. However, active support of an experienced tutor is extremely helpful for skill development. The main themes of this training are leadership, interpersonal interaction and communication, career development.

Dual education

The programme for dual education programme has been practiced in KPO since 2005. In 2018, 50 graduates of higher and professional educational institutions, residents of the West Qazaqstan Oblast, have started training in the Professional Development Programme for production operators and equipment operation technicians in accordance with the international standard of the ОPIТО Oil & Gas Academy. Participants’ selection for the programme was carried out using the special abilities tests, technical tests and panel interviews with engagement of KPO domain experts and technical specialists, and tutors from the Qazaqstani universities.

The training programme consists of theoretical and practical modules and will be culminated with internship at the KPO production facilities. KPO plans to employ all participants who will successfully complete the training in the respective specialties.