Programme for increasing local content in staff

Professional competency in KPO is maintained and developed through the system of continuous training and skills improvement.

KPO continues implementing its 2015-2020 Programme for Increased Local Content in Staff, which is aimed at maximizing job opportunities for local communities and investing into their training.  In 2019, 20 positions previously held by expatriate personnel were nationalised, 5 positions were abolished. Local employees made up 93% of the total staff as of December 2019.

In total, over 210 expatriate specialists were replaced with national employees and 185 positions held by expatriate employees were abolished in the period 1999 – 2019.

Increase of Local Content in staff by categories of employees, 2017-2019



RoQ legal requirements

Local content in staff in 2017

Local content in staff in 2018

Local content in staff in 2019


Executive management and their deputies, Department / Unit management

Minimum 74%





Professional staff / Qualified workers

Minimum 92%




KPO applies various tools for developing and promoting its staff across all business units. Herewith, the focus is made on the development of talented and high-potential local employees.

Additionally, in accordance with the goals set in this Programme, KPO keeps tracking the local content in contractors registered in the West Qazaqstan Oblast. In 2019, the quarterly, biannual and annual monitoring was conducted in 40 companies.  The increase of Local Content in staff within these organizations made up to 78% in the category “Executive management and their deputies Department / Unit management” and 92% in the category “Professional staff / qualified workers”.