Community grievance redress

KPO places major emphasis on dealing with grievances and concerns raised by the residents living in villages near the Karachaganak field. Handling complaints related to the Venture`s operational activities are made in line with formal policy.

Any resident of the Karachaganak neighbouring villages grouped in three rural districts of Priuralnoye, Zharsuat and Uspenovka can provide feedback to a KPO Community Liaison Officer (CLO) verbally by phone or in writing using dedicated forms and the boxes installed in public places of the villages. The feedback can be a positive comment, suggestion or request. Through this mechanism the residents can also lodge their complaints/grievances related to KPO activity.

The contact numbers of CLO are normally communicated to local residents during the community engagement activities and displayed on KPO Information Boards installed in public places in the six villages. Contacting the CLO by phone has proved to be the most popular and preferred way of providing a feedback or lodging a complaint. The Company reviews all grievances/suggestions and takes actions to resolve the issues.


Context / short
description of an issue:

As a part of the monitoring of the resettled community of Berezovka, the local residents requested the Сompany to help move the statue of the World War II (WWII) Soldier from Berezovka village to Aksai town of Burlin district.


To keep historical memory of the former Berezovka village residents and their future generations

Solution / actions:

KPO allocated funds for full restoration of the statue and its move to the new location. The works on restoration of the statue and its pedestal with the carved names of 70 soldiers — participants of WWII, the residents of Berezovka Village (Burlin District of West Qazaqstan Oblast) were performed by Dmitriy Volkogonov from Uralsk, who is the Honoured Architect/Designer, a Member of International Designers’ Association.

The new location for the statue was chosen by an initiative group consisting of the former residents of Berezovka and the representatives from local authorities and KPO. They decided to place the statue near the school in Araltal, where children from the former Berezovka study. A new public park will be developed there in the coming few years. The renovated statue of the WWII Soldier was relocated ahead of the 75th anniversary of Victory Day in the WWII, celebrated on 9th May 2020. This will hopefully be a meeting place for the former residents of Berezovka village.


Local authorities representatives, residents and mass media participated in the opening ceremony on 11th September 2019. Zulfiya Muzafarova, Community and Local Authority Relations Manager noted in her opening speech: «As a socially responsible business, KPO supports the state programme ‘Spiritual renewal’ aimed at preservation of the people’s cultural and historical heritage».


Context / short
description of an issue

In context of the monitoring of socially vulnerable community members relocated from the former villages of Berezovka and Bestau, a KPO Community Liason specialist interacts with the residents, meeting with them individually and answering their phone calls and letters. During one of the trips to Araltal, the Community Liason Specialist paid attention to the snow-covered path leading to the gate of an elderly woman living alone.


Monitoring of vulnerable and low-income families is aimed at timely identification of problems that arise in the process of their adaptation to new conditions and solve them in cooperation with the competent local authorities in order to minimize the negative impact of resettlement.

Solution / actions:

In order to help the lonely woman remove the snow, KPO Specialist sent a photo of a snow-covered path to the Department of Employment and Social Programmes of the Burlin District that forwarded an application to volunteers of a local association. The boys responded immediately, and the next day the area was cleared off the snow. The help of volunteers from the Gold Volunteer Organization did not remain unnoticed. KPO invited them to its quarterly HSE Awards ceremony. At the ceremony, the volunteers were awarded with certificates and gifts.


Now the pensioner knows whom to call when she needs help. The youth organization of volunteers ‘Gold’ included the woman’s name into the list of persons who need assistance. In addition, both young people received encouragement from management, which is also an incentive for further work and a best example for other volunteers.