Public hearings

PO regularly practice bringing up draft Plans for implementation of environmental projects and other construction projects, which may potentially affect the communities, for discussion with the communities and their approval.

The communities are notified about the public hearings via regional and district newspapers, and the website.

All the stakeholders concerned, such as local residents, representatives of mass media, the Burlin Akimat and Maslikhat, NGOs, relevant authorities in charge of environmental protection, public health, construction, and land use are invited to the public hearings. During the hearings, people in the audience receive information about the planned projects and may raise questions.

During 2018, KPO conducted 10 public hearings engaging the region’s general public including representatives of the Burlin District Akimat, deputies of the Maslikhat, interested state agencies, the regional and district media on the construction of new and modernization of existing production facilities and assessment of their potential environmental impact. All hearings were considered implemented.