Public hearings

KPO regularly practice bringing up draft Plans for implementation of environmental projects and other construction projects, which may potentially affect the communities, for discussion with the communities and their approval.  It is important to take into consideration the public opinion on environmental issues and use of natural resources while planning and construction of KPO new facilities.  Transparency of state expertise and public participation in decision-making ensured by holding public hearings. KPO provides an opportunity to stakeholders and public associations to express their opinion through public hearings.  Comments and suggestions are reviewed by the Company and contribute for more high-quality development of project documentation.

The communities are notified about the public hearings via regional and district newspapers, and the website.

The session was attended by local authorities` representatives, concerned regulatory bodies, media, general public, KPO and its contractor project companies.  People in the audience had opportunity to receive information concerning KPO planned projects, environmental performances and raise their questions.  Representatives of KPO and project companies took the floor to address those questions in full.  Mostly, the public is interested in questions about the plan to complete projects, the volume of emissions and measures to reduce them, ways of waste management, and soil reclamation after the activities` completion.

During 2019, in conjunction with the Burlin District authorities KPO hosted 10 public hearings hearings on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of its 41 various facilities construction projects, including production and gas reinjection wells, field and technology pipelines, environmental monitoring stations, as well as reconstruction and turnaround of the existing drilling units, facilities, roads.