EARTH is the element of Nature that creates the material base in this world.The earth element is directly related to the planet Earth. Everything that we have in this world, we received from our planet, and all this will also return back to the Earth.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure careful use of the resources of our planet and prevent environmental pollution.

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Business principle:

We have a systematic approach to environmental management in order to achieve continuous performance improvement.

To this end, we manage these matters as critical business activities, set standards and targets for improvement, and measure, appraise and report performance externally.

We continually look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

2022 г.
Why is it important to us?

KPO is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment while developing the Karachaganak oil & gas condensate field.

KPO carries out its operations based on the principles of sustainable development and in compliance with high environmental standards observing the common human right for a favourable environment, as specified in the current Environmental Code of the Republic of Qazaqstan.

Climate adaptation and transition to carbon neutrality

The way the Oil and Gas Companies can support the Green Agenda nowadays is the contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, maximizing the value of natural resources and minimizing the waste created.

In 2022, KPO started developing the Environmental Concept for the period until the end of the FPSA (2037). The environmental concept will form the basis of the Green KPO strategy and the KPO 365 Business Strategy, which is scheduled for release in 2023.

KPO Green Strategy sets out objectives and the way forward to deliver targeted objectives in order to remain profitable and to adapt our business model to a business-changing environment and in step with global challenges. The Strategy has five key objectives supporting our goal to become a world-class “green” hydrocarbon and energy producer, with Net Zero scopes 1&2 and a focus on regional development.