Student placement in KPO

If you are a student in your last two years of study, now is the time to consider joining Karachaganak. Through the Student Internship Programme, we offer student placements within the business. These placements, which can range from one to two months in length, provide real on the job experience in your chosen field of study.

During your placement, you will be working in one of the Company's departments, side by side with our experienced staff. On the job training will provide practical knowledge and experience and improve your professional qualifications for further career development.

Please find below information about the student placement process in KPO.

  • Practical experience will be undertaken during the placement at KPO. The placement will be within one of the departments of the business.    Students from Kazakhstan-based Universities who are citizens of Kazakhstan , 18 years or older are eligible for placement under the KPO student placement procedure.
  • The placement period for students in their last two academic years is one month and for pre-graduate students this can be extended for a further month if the theme of Diploma work is connected with the Karachaganak project.
  • KPO will consider candidates who have an average mark of no less than four (4) for their entire study period.
  • KPO reserves the right to choose the best students according to study and interview results.
  • The number of positions is defined by the requirements of the various KPO departments.

On all matters concerning student placement within KPO, students should apply to Deans Office or the representative responsible for student placement in their educational institution.