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Registration in the KPO Database for potential suppliers

KPO procurements activities are performed in compliance with the approved Tender Procedures and Final Production Sharing Agreement (FPSA) provisions.
Procurement in KPO Company is carried out on a competitive basis by means of tendering exercises which maintain the principles of competitiveness, objectiveness and confidentiality.
In order to participate in KPO tenders companies shall be preliminarily assessed and registered in the KPO database.

Vendor registration process

In order to register your company in KPO Vendor Database you need to fill in the Preliminary Vendor Assessment Questionnaire in Excel and attach the copies of the required documents.
Please note that the number of products/goods or services shall not exceed 10 FPAL-FPK codes with a purpose to identify your core activity.
The Questionnaire must be completed in full compliance with Instruction for Completion. Failure to comply with mentioned requirements may lead to the rejection of request’s consideration.
Please submit the completed Vendor assessment and registration pack by e-mail at MIVQ@kpo.kz. Please note that KPO server will not accept messages with attachments over 10 MB in size.

Registration in the Alash Unified Database for potential suppliers

Please be informed that the Alash Unified Database was implemented in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purpose of Local Content development and provision of "single-window" principle for Kazakh Suppliers to major Oil and Gas Operators of Kazakhstan - KPO, NCOC and TCO.  Alash is designed to significantly simplify  visual availability of suppliers’ goods, works and services in the procurement by major Oil and Gas Operators of the RoK.
KPO, in its activity relating to the procurement of goods, works and services, is going to use the Alash Unified Database as an information source in the search for potential Kazakh and foreign Suppliers.
Registration with the Alash Unified Database is free for Kazakh Suppliers and Joint Ventures with the Kazakh equity share, while registration for foreign Suppliers will have an administration cost of US$500.00.
Once registered, each Supplier will have full online access to their data in such a manner as to be able to update them in real-time.
The registration process is supported by Algoritmi KZ LLP (the operator of the Alash Unified Database) – a free Helpline for technical and general enquiries.
For full details please consult the ALASH website at:  https://www.alash-kz.com