Community grievance redress

KPO places major emphasis on dealing with grievances and concerns raised by the residents living in villages near the Karachaganak field. Handling complaints related to the Venture`s operational activities are made in line with formal procedure.


This procedure is applied to stakeholders in the West Qazaqstan Oblast and Burlin District, who are affected by KPO’s industrial and economic activities. The company pays particular attention to residents of six settlements located around the Karachaganak field: the villages of Priuralnoye, Zharsuat, Dimitrovo, Karachaganak, Uspenovka and Zhanatalap, as well as residents of Aksai city and settlements along the export routes of KPO within the borders of Qazaqstan.


Any resident of Burlin District and West Qazaqstan Oblast, if he / she feels affected by KPO’s production activities, can provide feedback to a KPO Community Liaison Specialist by phone 8 7113362339 or by e-mail at Feedback may include a complaint, positive comment, suggestion or request.


For residents of the Karachaganak neighbouring villages grouped in three rural districts of Priuralnyi, Zharsuat and Uspenovskiy, a dedicated form is additionally provided for filling in and putting into one of the boxes for grievances/suggestions installed in Akimat building of each village. The contact numbers of the KPO Community Liaison Specialist are normally communicated to local residents during the community engagement activities and displayed on KPO Information Boards installed in public places in the six villages.


The Company reviews all grievances/suggestions and takes actions to resolve the issues. In 2022, in accordance with KPO Community Grievance Procedure, we received 32 complaints and requests from the local community, including seven gas odor complaints and 32 requests and suggestions of various nature from the local communities living in close proximity to the Karachaganak Field. Residents were interested in the company’s social initiatives aimed at supporting socially vulnerable groups of the population, resettled residents asked for clarifications, etc.


Check-ups carried out by the KPO Operations Environment Monitoring Team did not reveal any malfunctioning of the process equipment, leaks/emissions or MPC exceedances in each case reported. Upon completing the review, some feedback was communicated to the residents who had filed the complaints.


Applications from the communities are reviewed within 10 working days. As part of the procedure, all applications received are considered on the basis of fairness, consistency and benevolence. Decisions are made subject to the acceptability for both sides.


Eligibility criteria for applications and proposals from the communities:


  • The application or proposal must be related to the production activities of KPO (assumed or actual);
  • Anonymous complaints / suggestions will also be reviewed, depending on the extent of the information provided.
  • CVs, business proposals, requests for sponsorship and donation will NOT be considered as part of this procedure.