Public hearings

KPO regularly submits construction projects and related environmental measures to the public for discussion and approval

While planning and constructing new facilities it is important for KPO to take into consideration the public opinion on environmental issues and use of natural resources. Transparency of state environmental expertise and publics’ engagement in decision-making are ensured through public hearings. KPO provides an opportunity to all interested citizens and public associations to express their opinion at public hearings. Public comments and suggestions are reviewed by the Company and contribute to better quality development of project documentation.

During 2021, with the support of the Burlin District authorities, KPO held four public hearings in the form of a survey on 4 construction projects of various facilities, which included construction of field and technology pipelines, wells and land reclamation.

Information about public hearings is communicated to the public through publications in regional and district newspapers, as well as through the Company’s website. In view of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and 2021, public hearings have been held as a survey. KPO and local executive bodies have agreed to receive feedback from the population by submitting questionnaires, the forms of which are enclosed to the package of documents posted on the KPO website.

Public hearing sessions are attended by local authorities’ representatives, concerned regulatory bodies, media, general public, KPO and its contractor project companies. People in the audience have an opportunity to receive information concerning the KPO scheduled projects and, environmental activities and raise their questions. Mostly, the public is interested in matters about the projects’ timelines, volume of emissions and measures to reduce them, methods of waste management and soil reclamation after the activities` completion. Representatives of KPO and project companies address all questions in full.