Community Engagement

KPO works to prevent or minimize the negative impacts and maximize the benefits from our presence by strengthening our engagement with local communities, thus creating opportunities for society development.

Our policies, standards and procedures in the area of corporate social responsibility are based on the Performance Standards of International Finance Corporation (IFC). KPO’s Stakeholder Engagement Operating Procedure, Involuntary Resettlement Operating Procedure, Grievance & Suggestion Management Procedure are guidelined by the IFC standards. Though our social performance extends to reach all the community stakeholders in the area of our presence, special attention is given to the area surrounding KPO operations.

Annually KPO prepares and implements a Social Performance Plan aimed at supporting development priorities of local communities with due consideration of the communities’ interests and addressing possible social risks.

Consultation is a fundamental pillar of KPO activities in the social performance sphere. Different tools are adopted ranging from formalized consultative bodies Village Councils to public hearings and ad-hoc meetings with local authorities, NGOs and other stakeholders.

KPO strives to support on improving livelihoods of the communities around Karachaganak complementing the efforts made by the local authorities. Proposals to implement community development projects for the funds allocated by KPO are raised by the local communities through the Village Councils and then assessed by KPO in terms of the community needs, technical feasibility and the allocated budget.

With a target of minimising impacts on the local communities through KPO operations, KPO has a grievance mechanism set for communities.

Public hearings are held jointly with local authorities — the Burlin District Maslikhat (local Parliament) and Akimat. Since 2012, KPO annually holds public hearings in Aksai to present to the public and local community of Burlin District the projects of environmental protection and construction that may affect them.