Village Councils

Meetings and consultations are the fundamental basis of KPO activity in the area of corporate social responsibility. The existing dialogue in the format of Village Councils with local communities allows KPO to answer their questions, discuss suggestions and initiatives as they arise, helping to address their concerns.


The Village Councils help identify priorities for KPO’s social investment in the villages. These bodies were established in 2005 as provided by a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Burlin District Akimat, the District Maslikhat and KPO.


In 2022, 17 Village Councils meetings were held in the Priuralnyi, Zharsuat and Uspenovskiy rural districts. During the meetings, the local residents were informed of the KPO Community Development Programmes for 2022, on the progress of students from these rural districts who study in colleges and universities of Uralsk under the KPO Scholarship Programme, as well as KPO Environmental Monitoring Programme.


Overall, 18 local residents received education over the period of the Scholarhip programme from 2010 to 2022.


As part of the Community Development Programme, KPO provided 150 vouchers for the elderly of Burlin district for health recreation in the Akzhaiyk Sanatorium.