The Karachaganak Processing Complex processes oil condensate from 44 production wells and from Unit 2. Oil and gas are separated through slug-catchers. The oil feed is treated by four stabilisation trains and pumped into the export pipeline to Atyrau for sale on international markets. Completed in 2011 the fourth liquids stabilisation and sweetening train was designed to increase the production of stabilised and sweetened liquids to high value western markets.


The fourth stabilisation train includes an additional condensate stabilisation and sweetening train, the expansion of the existing Karachaganak Processing Complex (KPC) inlet facilities and some 13 new wells, an additional Sour Gas Export Compressor, additional set of Condensate Booster Pumps and Export Pumps, and two infield pipelines with associated tie-ins to Unit 3 and EOPS.


The gas phase splits into two streams. One feeds the sweetening plant, providing fuel gas supply for the field’s power station and sweet gas supply for the local market. The second stream is directed to Unit 2 for re-injection and/or to Unit 3 for export to Orenburg.


Unit 2

Unit 2 is a unique multi-functional facility. It is able to separate, process and re-inject high pressure sour gas and to produce oil, then send for stabilization at KPC prior to export. 21 incoming production wells feed Unit 2.

One of the highest pressure sour gas injection systems in the world is in place at Unit 2.Three compressors are capable of injecting gas at a pressure up to 550 bar with a high H2S content (up to 9 per cent).

This gas injection scheme has been proving to be successful as it provides partial pressure maintenance, improves liquid recovery and also eliminates the need to extract sulphur, which delivers important environmental benefits.

Unit 3

Unit 3 facility, operating since 1984, separates and partially stabilises gas and oil condensate from 28 incoming wells before exporting via pipeline to a processing facility at Orenburg Processing Plant in Russia. Unstabilised condensate is also supplied to a neighbouring privately-owned facility for treatment.


The Eco Centre combines world-class waste treatment facilities dedicated to the treatment of oil and gas drilling and production wastes. The KPO Eco Centre consists of five key processing facilities:

  • Thermo-mechanical cuttings cleaning facility, which enables the safe and efficient treatment of oil-base mud cuttings;
  • Liquid mud plant, the processing facility for mixing and treating drilling oil based mud;
  • Liquid treatment plant enabling treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated water, recycling of brines used for workover operations and reconditioning of water-based mud used in top hole drilling operations;
  • Rotary kiln incinerator used to process oil contaminated soil and materials other than drilling cuttings,
  • 12 waste burial cells landfill commissioned in December 2011 ensures safe disposal of solid waste.
  • New general purpose incinerator launched into service in 2012.

The Map showing the Karachaganak production facilities and export routes can be viewed here.