Kazakhstan Branch in Aksai

Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.

Kazakhstan Branch

090300, Republic of Kazakhstan,

West Kazakhstan Oblast, Burlin Region,

Aksai, Promyshlennaya Zona Str., Building 81H.


Email: kpo@kpo.kz



Email: informkpo@kpo.kz for reporting any suspicious messages, commercial offers, invoices, scam and other phishing instruments that appear to be used on behalf of KPO


Representative Office in Astana

9 th floor

Astana Tower Business Centre

Microregion ‘Samal 12'

010000 Astana

Republic of Kazakhstan



Tel: + 7 (7172) 649700

Fax: + 7 (7172) 649700 (4600)


Office in Uralsk

160/1 Kurmangazy Street
090000 Uralsk, Western Kazakhstan Oblast
Republic of Kazakhstan


Press office

Email: TurkpS@kpo.kz, SeitAi@kpo.kz

Local Content Development & Vendor Qualification

Fax: +7 71133 62155 (from CIS)
+44 208 8288 155 (International)

Local Content Development
Email: LCReport@kpo.kz

Vendor assessment and registration
Tel: +7 71133 62192 (from CIS)
+44 203 7695 144 (International)
Email: BashaA@kpo.kz

Market Intelligence
Tel: +7 71133 64946 (from CIS)
+44 208 865 4946 (International)
Email: MIVQ@kpo.kz

Community Liaison Department

The contact details of the Community Liaison Specialist below are intended only for applications from residents of Burlin District and West Qazaqstan Oblast on issues related to any impact of KPO’s operations on the local communities. These contacts are not to be used for sending CVs, сommercial offers, or sponsorship and donation requests.


Email: ZhalobaKPO@kpo.kz