Producing and marketing oil and gas

At Karachaganak we extract, process and export oil and gas through three different processing units and via a similar number of export routes.  This allows KPO to be flexible and adjust to changes in gas and oil export market conditions.

The Venture utilises leading, and in some cases, pioneering technology in developing the field. For example, Karachaganak is home to an innovative high pressure sour gas injection scheme. This injection scheme has proven to be very successful in enhancing hydrocarbon recovery and has harnessed significant value for the Republic. KPO has also drilled some of the deepest and most complicated wells in Kazakhstan, among which is the deepest multilateral well.

Delivering competitive energy to world markets

Initially, all production was sold into Russia, but since June 2004 most liquids are exported to western markets, currently around 80 per cent as crude oil.  The remaining volumes like unstabilised condensate and raw gas continue to flow to Russia while some unstabilised condensate and all dry gas volumes are sold domestically. 

Crude oil is mainly exported via the CPC pipeline, leading to the Black Sea port of Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka.  Another outlet for crude oil is via the Atyrau-Samara pipeline which connects to the Russian Transneft system allowing access to the port of Primorsk and a number of European destinations. Description of our export routes is provided on page Export Routes.