KPO Announced Successful Completion of Turnaround

AKSAIWest Kazakhstan Oblast, 14 October, 2019 - Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) announced successful completion of 2019 Turnaround. Edwin Blom, KPO General Director said: “I ampleased to announce that production at Karachaganak field has restarted after a safe and successful Turnaround. All of the planned work scope was achieved ensuring improved asset integrity, plant reliability and completing mechanical tie-ins for our new projects. This is a considerable achievement, the biggest Turnaround ever executed in KPO”.  The Turnaround KPO included a full field shut-down of Gathering, Karachaganak Processing Complex (KPC), Unit 2 and Unit 3. Up to 12000 people per day were involved in Turnaround activities in day and night shifts. The total number of man-hours worked made up nearly 3 million. Under the continuous supervision of KPO personnel (2300 inspections conducted), operations have been conducted safely with no major incidents and leaks to environment. Massive training performed by KPO pre-turnaround involving 212 companies, 33,000 certificates issued  and 2216 training courses arranged. 78 HSE tours were conducted by KPO management to show and communicate the strong Company’s commitment on safety. The following types of works were successfully completed during the Turnaround:


  • Mandatory statutory maintenance and inspections
  • Plant modifications
  • KGDBN project tie-ins
  • 4IC project tie-ins
  • 5th TL project tie-ins
  • KEP projects tie-ins


All the planned work scope achieved safely and ahead of time. “This was a very challenging shut-down and very exciting as well for a lot of people and I am sure due to the support and working as one team, the support that we gave each other, we’ve met this target and delivered the shut-down on time and safely”, added Edwin Blom. The KPO Turnaround strategy is aimed to ensuring safe continuous operations and RoK regulatory compliance, to maximize operational efficiency optimizing production performances.