Asset Integrity Management System Tools

The Asset Integrity Management Framework is a set of processes to prevent major accident hazards and to raise Asset Integrity and Process Safety awareness amongst the KPO employees, contractors and subcontractors working at the Karachaganak field.

The Asset Integrity Framework Management System consists of the following key processes:

  • Barrier Management — through the application of a structured process and supported by the using of the Barrier Model tool;
  • Asset Integrity Performance Analysis — through the use of Key Performance Indicators;
  • Management of Change system for Brownfield Modifications — through the use of the Management of Change database;
  • Asset Integrity Assurance — through the use of reviews, audits, verifications and assessments;
  • Asset Integrity Improvement Culture initiatives — through the production of e-Learning modules on the Mechanical Isolation Procedure, Process Safety Fundamentals and the Barrier Model process.

Within 2021, KPO has undertaken a number of activities addressing the key risks or barriers in the KPO asset integrity. In the table below, we present the completed activities in 2021 and the current status of the ongoing ones.

These completed activities allowed a reduction of the risk at Unit 3 and provided assurance on the robustness of some Process Safety process.

The activity currently ongoing will allow reducing the Process Containment and Ignition control risks field wide.

Activities addressing the key risks or barriers in the KPO asset integrity

Barrier Impacted — finding and site place

Continuous Improvement Activities in Asset Integrity


1. Process Containment — 9 Vessel with integrity issue and Obsolete Flash Gas Compressors at Unit 3

Nine vessels were identified with integrity issues during the site inspection in the past years. These were replaced during Turnaround 2021.

Flash Gas Compressors with integrity issues were identified as one of highest risk areas in Unit 3. They were taken out of service in 2021.

2. Soft Barrier — Safety Critical Elements at KPC/KGDBN

The KGDBN project at KPC has been completed and as part of the Handover to the Operations, the identification of the relevant safety critical element

(SCE) of the KGDBN project has been carried out by a multidisciplinary team.

3. Soft Barrier — Mechanical Isolation Procedure at Unit 2 and Unit 3

In order to verify compliance with the KPO procedures, an assessment was carried out on the Mechanical Isolation Procedure.

4. Soft Barrier — Inhibits and Overrides procedure at Bolshoi Chagan, Atyrau Terminal, KPC and Unit 2

In order to verify compliance with the KPO procedures, an assessment was carried out on the Inhibits and Overrides procedure.


1. Process Containment — Undersized pressure safety valve — field wide

A Safety review done by Engineering department highlighted potential undersized PSV’s in the facilities.

The undersized PSV’s identified, mitigation action taken, design and procurement initiated, replacement scheduled for Turnaround 2022.

2. Process Containment — Valves with banned materials — field wide

Site inspection ongoing to finalize the list of valves with banned materials.

During the 2021 year several valves already changed out, remaining valves scheduled for replacement in Turnaround 2022.

3. Ignition Control — EX Equipment — field wide

EX item review for all the facilities showed equipment with some gaps on the certification and maintenance.

Site inspections completed, most critical items repaired/replaced, remaining scope being addressed.

Barrier Model

In 2021, the KPO Asset Integrity Department has worked on the new operational Barrier Management software tool. The new Barrier Model software was customized based on the KPO requirements in order to improve transparency and efficiency of the barrier management process with increasing use of “live data”.  All new projects, upon completion, are put through the Barrier Model, such as the KGDBN project, which was delivered in 2021.