Competency Management System GRI 103-2, 103-3

Competency management system is applied at KPO as one of the most efficient methods for assessing the competency level of personnel.

The system is aimed at achieving the required level of competency among technical staff, who work at hazardous industrial facilities, and at reducing and preventing potential incidents and accidents caused by lack of competency. Given the results of conducted competency assessments, the system enables developing tools for further training of personnel and ensuring funds are spent as intended, as well as raising HSE cultural awareness among employees.

According to the Competency Management System (CMS) policy, any contractor with a high or middle risk level of the contract that work on Company sites or equipment shall develop and operate its own Competency Management System. The contractors’ personnel shall have the ability to demonstrate knowledge and practical skills to work safely, technically sound and within the defined boundaries of responsibility. KPO has started working on this with contractors since 2019. The key requirements and rollout stages are identified during the HSE contractorsэ audits.

KPO CMS was certified by Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (OPITO) in 2013. Once every three years, Company undergoes accreditation of the system requiring that compliance audits be conducted annually engaging OPITO experts. In November 2021, KPO confirmed the competency management system accreditation till 30th September 2022.

The scope of OPITO’s accreditation includes:

  • Six profession-oriented specialties: production operators, electrical technicians, instrument technicians, mechanical technicians, lead technicians and supervisors in production sector.
  • Six production units and departments, including KPC, Unit 3, Unit 2, Eco Centre, Maintenance and Gathering departments.

In 2021, 783 employees with technical qualification completed initial assessment and received CMS certificates. Due to COVID spread related restrictions, KPO has reached 71% of the competency compliance required for technical personnel.

In 2021, as part of the accredited OPITO, KPO Competency Management System, an internal course «Competence evaluator» was developed and implemented. This course is conducted by an experienced employee of the system, followed by the delivery of practical tasks and the issuance of an appropriate certificate. This achievement made it possible to optimize the process of training competence evaluators, reduce time and financial costs of the company, eliminating the involvement of a third party (training provider).

In line with the Competency Management System Expansion Plan 2020-2022, the Competency Accreditation Programme for engineering personnel of Central Maintenance Department and Industrial Supervisors working at KPC and Chemical Laboratory has commenced from 4th Quarter 2020. Competency Assessment under 20 approved standards is carried out for over 245 engineers and supervisors. In order to obtain unbiased assessment results, superintendents and sections’ lead engineers take on the role of technical experts. Detailed information on the Competency Assessment for engineering personnel is presented hereinafter in a Case Study.

Since 2020, the 360° Assessment project functions as a part of the Competency Management System. Such assessment is a tool to devise an employee’s personal development plan and to assure more effective communication between an employee and a line manager using feedback. KPO SAP system module enabling all participants to be assessed online has been developed. The process is supervised by internal Competency Management and Personnel Assessment experts.

Сase study


Context /
description of an issue:

As part of the Competency Management System, KPO conducts regular assessment of technical personnel for compliance with applicable standards.


In 2018, following recommendations of the KPO Parent Companies’ auditors, KPO developed the Industrial Supervisors’ Competency Assessment Standards and launched the assessment process aimed to ensure safe and efficient performance and adequate supervision of activities at hazardous industrial facilities.


The Competency Assessment Standard includes:

  • Personal and leadership competences;
  • Technical skills;
  • HSE competences.

An individual training and development plan of an employee is developed based on the results of conducted assessment.


In 2019, KPO started implementation of the Competency Management System for Field service contractors having medium and high HSE risks. The contractor personnel make up a large proportion of personnel working in the Field; accordingly their competency level may have significant impact on safety performance and business continuity. In 2021, three contractors were audited to check if they have a personnel competency system in place. Following the audit results, areas for improvement of the existing and new systems were identified and agreed on.


Development and implementation of an assessment system for engineering personnel of Central Maintenance Department, KPC and Chemical Laboratory was one of the CMS expansion focus areas in 2020-2021. KPO devised a Guidance on Assessment and 20 competency standards.


  • To ensure the competence of the O&G engineers and Industrial Supervisors with the aim to accurately plan and perform safely both in hazardous and harmful conditions; to eliminate or mitigate safety hazards risks.
  • To identify areas for further development for achieving the required competency level in line with the standard approved;
  • To introduce Competency Management System to contractors with high and medium risks.

Solution / actions:

In 2021:

  • OPITO audit was successfully carried out. Competency assessment of Industrial Supervisors at KPC and Chemical Laboratory was completed. Competency assessment for engineering personnel of the Central Maintenance department was completed. Relevant reports were submitted to managers of facilities.
  • Audits of three Field Department contractors with high and medium risks were carried out with further recommendations for development and implementation of their own Competency Management System.

In 2022-2023, competency assessments are scheduled for Industrial Supervisors working at Construction Department, Well Operations Department, and Field Facilities Modification Department. Frequency of assessments is set for at least once in five years, unless otherwise is provided by Company requirements.


  • In the period of 2019 — 2021 the Competency assessment process of Industrial Supervisors at Eco Centre, Unit-3, Unit-2, KOTS, Gathering, KPC and Chemical Laboratory was completed.
  • Thirteen contractors submitted their outcomes of the CMS development and implementation at meetings with KPO.
  • Competency assessment for engineering personnel of the Central Maintenance department has been commenced and completed.

The programme contributes to maintaining the required competency level of operations personnel and will be continued.