Industrial wastewater management

Managing the produced and industrial effluent water is one of the main challenges faced by KPO in the Karachaganak Field.

KPO’s wastewater management strategy consists of implementation of a portfolio of interconnected projects aimed at removal of production restrictions in terms of produced water handling as well as ensuring personnel safety, asset integrity and environmental compliance.

The Company took a decision to update the Project for wastewater injection into Polygons in order to increase the scope of injected water in 
Polygon 2 up to 1,100 thous.m3 from 2023 to 2037. The Project’s Amendment No.3 will contain the planned increase of wastewater injection and activities targeting to expand the potential of injecting wells. Upon completion, development of the environmental impact assessment to Amendment No.3 followed by public hearings are scheduled.

In 2021, two planned projects were completed: workover of the second absorbing well for more effective utilization of wastewater and commission of a modified gas sweetening unit in order to automate a causterization process.

In 2022, refinement and implementation activities will continue including the upgrade of a caustic neutralisation unit. Also, it is expected that the 2022 turnaround will cover a replacement of induced gas flotation vessels and a tilted plate separator required for treating process effluents from oil. The vessels’ replacement will ensure asset integrity and higher capacity of facilities and consequently provide better oil and water separation, which will positively affect the operation of the entire wastewater treatment system before disposal into deep horizons.

Implemented industrial wastewater management projects in 2021


Business driver


Start-up of a modified gasoline demercaptanization unit

Safe operations

Implementation of the project allowed optimizing generation of the spent caustic soda, which further goes to a neutralization unit. By means of process automation the risks for personnel exposure to toxic agents.

Workover of the two water injection wells

Production maintenance

Workover of the two absorbing wells with application of proppant fracturing has led to a significant raise of wells acceptability of wastewater re-injection for increasing production.