Power generation

For production needs within the Karachaganak field, KPO generates electrical power at its own Gas Turbine Power Plant (further as GTPP). Generated power is transmitted to the own production units throughout the Field, which include Karachaganak Processing Complex, Unit-2, Unit-3, Gathering system, Eco Centre, Pilot Camp, IT&T Data Centre in Aksai and the Karachaganak — Atyrau transportation system covering the oil pumping station in Bolshoi Chagan and block valve stations 1-26.

Four turbines, three of which are dual-fueled, are installed and operating at the KPO Gas Turbine Power Plant. In addition, KPO supplies electricity for the needs of the Western Qazaqstan Oblast communities with capacity of circa 25 MW in winter and circa 20 MW in summer.

In 2021, at the GTPP minor inspection of gas turbine generators (GTG) #1 and #2 was completed, as well as the overhaul of GTG #3. The overhaul of GTG #4 has lasted from October to May 2020 due to extra scope of dismantling of the old stator rewinding because of the insulation damage defect identified in the course of the routine inspection. Manufacture, delivery and installation of the new stator winding were carried out at the GTPP without removing the generator to the producer. The activities took longer than expected also due to the COVID impact and delays in spare parts delivery.

Besides, in 2021, the inspection of the hot-gas-path of turbines ##1, 2 and 3 was carried out, as well as the overhaul of turbine #4. During the year, the work was carried out to implement the option of energizing a block transformer from the generator itself on three turbines, which allowed reducing the number of switches and the associated risks when restarting the turbines after repairs.

Power export to West Qazaqstan Oblast GRI 203-1

As part of the Karachaganak Field’s Final Production Sharing Agreement (Art.I, Section 1.1.), KPO generates and exports power to the West Qazaqstan Oblast.

KPO exports power to electricity suppliers, such as AksaiEnergo LLP and Batys EnergoResursy LLP, who in their turn supply the power to the communities and other end consumers in West Qazaqstan Oblast.

Throughout 2021, KPO exported power from 20 to 34 MW to the regional grid, while the total volume of power export to WQO equalled ~ 225.6 mln kW-h or about 35% of the total volume of the regional energy consumption. Reduction of the power export in 2021 by some 20% compared to 2020 was due to the unplanned overhaul of the Gas Turbine Generator #4, and the major routine maintenance of other three turbines. That had led to decline of total power generation at the KPO GTPP and, hence the decrease of power volumes available for the region. One more notable factor in the decline was the launch of a new section of the Karachaganak Gas Debottlenecking Project (KGDBN) at KPC, which has led to a gradual increase of KPO’s own energy consumption by 7-8 MW starting from the second quarter of 2021.

Supply of power and fuel gas in the period of 2019-2021 is shown in table below.

Supply of power and fuel gas, 2019-2021


Unit of meas.




Electrical power exported to West Qazaqstan, including:

mln kW-h




  • to AksaiEnergo LLP

mln kW-h




  • to Batys EnergoResursy LLP

mln kW-h




Use of fuel gas to generate power for West Qazaqstan, including:

mln m3




  • Own gas sales

mln m3




  • From third party supplier

mln m3




In 2021, KPO used mainly its own gas for power generation. Purchases of gas from the third-party supplier to generate power for the WQO needs made circa 6.5% of the GTPP total gas consumption. Those purchases were made mostly during the unstable operation of the Fuel Gas Sweetening unit at KPC (5-339 area).

In May and October 2021, disturbances (alarm events) have occurred in the external electrical power networks of the West Qazaqstan Regional Electricity Company, leading to trivial losses in KPO’s production.