Medical support

Primary health at workplaces

KPO Medical Support team provides emergency medical care to the Company employees from on-scene first aid to medical evacuation and repatriation through five fully equipped clinics functioning 24/7. There are regular and all-terrain heavy ambulances equipped as resuscitation units.

Medical support staff perform pre-shift check-ups of the safety-critical personnel, including random alcohol testing.

In 2019, all personnel of the emergency medical service received training in Prehospital Advanced Cardiac Life support (ACLS) and International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) in line with set international standards. Apart from that, all KPO ambulance drivers completed three-day training in driving vehicles equipped with devices for supplying special light and sound signals.

As a part of the Programme for Installation of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) for emergency resuscitation launched in 2018, first aid training with the use of purchased First Aiders AED-simulators was carried out for personnel in 2019. In 2019-2020, nine AEDs were installed in KPO buildings. In 2021, re-training of First Aiders was completed and ten more AEDs were purchased and installed in KPO offices in Aksai.

Effective from 2020, KPO Health Department has been using the hardware and software system, which allows carrying out Electronic Pre-shift Medical Examination in a short time. Seven units of ESME have been installed in 2020-2021 and operated in five KPO sick bays. ESME system is replacing manual pre-shift medical examination. Within one minute, an employee gets measurement of blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, the presence of alcohol in the exhaled air and the use of narcotic substances. Results are available online for checking by supervisors.

In 2019, KPO started the Aksai Hospital Upgrade Project. Based on the support of the Shell and Eni Parent Companies, KPO has been developing a plan of staff training, intensive case equipage and maintenance of equipment.

Pre — and post-shift medical check-ups

There is a legislation requirement of the Republic of Qazaqstan for some categories of occupations to undergo pre-shift and post-shift medical assessments.

Oil and gas production operators and electricians working at the 220V or above units are subject to pre-shift medical check-up in KPO.

All drivers working at KPO are subject to pre-trip and post-trip medical check-ups. Pre-trip and post-trip check-ups are performed by the KPO Medical Support Section and medical staff of healthcare contractor providers.

Employees are not allowed to be at work under the influence of alcohol or drugs according to the KPO policy. Quite frequently when doing alcohol test in a public hospital to prove the influence of alcohol critical time was lost. Since 2019 alcohol test has been conducted by Burlin Central Hospital medical personnel who have all appropriate permitting documentation and are based at the field area on 24/7 regime.