Occupational Hygiene

Industrial hygiene and control of workplace exposures

Our company is one of the few large companies operating in Qazaqstan that has its own hygiene laboratory. Established and certified over 10 years ago for compliance monitoring purposes, it has since greatly expanded its activities to become a highly-qualified and well-equipped industrial hygiene service. The following are some of the laboratory’s functions:

  • Sanitary compliance monitoring;
  • Workplace assessments (including health risk assessments);
  • Food safety inspections;
  • Drinking water monitoring;
  • Ionising radiation monitoring;
  • Workplace attestation;
  • Consultancy support;
  • HSE audits;
  • Liaison with the authorities.

KPO conducts sanitary compliance monitoring in two main directions: workplace air testing for chemical substances and the measurement of physical factors.

Drinking water quality control and food safety

Occupational Health and Hygiene Specialists conduct regular (quarterly / monthly) inspections of catering facilities that provide food to the Company employees. Annually, there are more than 50 inspections run to identify and remedy inconsistencies.