Local Content Development Programme

In order to achieve the goals, set in the KPO Local Content Policy KPO develops and implements a two-year Local Content Development Programme for the Karachaganak project, and the Programme is in line with the state initiatives for the mechanical engineering development, industrialization and digitization programmes. The Programme defines the target areas for LC development, as well as estimated LC targets for the monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the actions.


‘Kazakh tender’ contributes to the growth of competitiveness of local manufacturers and suppliers. In 2022, KPO initiated 10 so-called ‘Qazaqstani tenders’ to be held exclusively among local companies for a total value of US$ 389 mln.


KPO intentionally contributes to the sustainable development of manufacturers within its footprint in the West Qazaqstan Oblast (WQO). KPO regularly invites WQO enterprises, including enterprises of the machine building sector, to participate in market research and tenders for the supply of goods, works and services, as well as to various events held by the Company in order to develop and increase the competitiveness of local businesses. In 2022, KPO paid US$ 308.1 mln to the WQO enterprises for deliveries of goods, works and services, and Local Content share reached US$ 230.5 mln or 74.8 %.