2021 HSE Improvement Plan

The overall objective of KPO HSE Improvement Plan is to improve Health, Safety and Environment management, further control risks and prevent harm to people and the environment. This is done by implementing Key Focus Elements that are over and above KPO’s day to day business activities to deliver tangible benefits and improvements.

  • In 2021, KPO has adopted a structured approach in preparation of the HSE Improvement Plan to ensure the Plan and the KPIs support each other and HSE objectives are achieved.
  • 2021 KPO HSE Improvement Plan consisted of level I-II-III interlinked objectives:

LEVEL I (main goal):

No harm, no leaks

LEVEL II (supporting goals):

  • Behaviours and Leadership
  • Personal Health
  • Personal Safety
  • Asset Integrity and Process Safety
  • Road and Infrastructure Safety
  • Minimized Environmental Impact

LEVEL III (how this will be achieved):

Strategy and Key Focus Elements

Case study


Context /
short description:

Safety is of paramount importance at KPO. Although, KPO faces repeated incidents for the same cause: risk complacency and lack of intervention at work sites. In addition, KPO introduce big projects and engage new employees with no work experience at the Company facilities. Our key target is to train them up to the required safety standards.


Safety at work sites subject to HSE leadership and competency of supervisors and leads. By own example, supervisors and leads can establish and reinforce safety culture.


Improve skills of supervisors to identify hazards, engage employees and coaching teams in order to improve safety culture at workplaces.

Solution / actions:

In 2019, the Coaching, Engagement and Intervention workshop was developed, where KPO and contractor supervisors and leads responsible for high-risk activities were invited. The workshops consisted of theoretical part, practical group exercises including coaching sessions at work sites.

For 2020, KPO Management assigned a task of implementing the HSE Leadership and Coaching Programme covering:

  • All supervisors and project team leaders of the Project Execution Directorate, in particular the 4th Injection Compressor project,
  • Operations line managers of supervisors and team leaders, who had attended Coaching, Engagement and Intervention workshops in 2019.


During 2019 and 2020, over 1200 KPO and contractor supervisors have attended the workshops allowing them improve their knowledge and skills in coaching, involvement and intervention. Besides the standard training methods, the training materials included videos, incident investigation data and pocket manuals.


The most active supervisors — programme participants, who applied new knowledge on work sites, have received awards within the HSE incentives mechanism.