Local content engagement

In order to attract investment for development of local production in the Republic of Qazaqstan, KPO cooperates with International Trade Associations, also provides a platform for a dialog with suppliers. The aim is the establishment of partnerships with international companies to create joint ventures and facilitate the transfer of technology to Qazaq companies.


As part of the local content development and increase in the production activities and projects in 2022 KPO Company holds regular events to familiarize domestic and international suppliers, relevant authorities (Ministry of Energy, PSA LLP, WQO Akimat), local content development associations with current and future volumes, demands for goods, works and services (GWS) during the implementation of production activities and projects, as well as technical conditions and specifications, where in order to increase the level of local content in goods, KPO proposed and recommended International and Qazaqstan market players to engage not only in the assembly of oil and gas equipment, but also consider the possibility of local production of components / spare parts for existing equipment and new types of equipment. As a result of initiative, in 2022 KPO signed the roadmaps that include localization of oil and gas equipment components/ spare parts with the following non-OEM companies: KIOS TECHFLOW, Turanmunaiconsalting LLP, Leser, ProControl KZ LLP, KIOS Techflow LLP, Yeskertkish Kyzmet Kazakhstan LLP/ DPI SEKUR.