Energy efficiency

To ensure the growing demand for energy while making the transition to low-carbon technologies is one of the challenges facing the global community.

Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact and effectively use energy resources in the main production and other ancillary processes. The implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency contributes to achievement of the goal.

As part of the energy efficiency activities, KPO conducts energy analysis and energy efficiency monitoring. Based on the analysis results, KPO energy intensity has been relatively stable in the period of 2014-2020 with 1-2% variation. In 2021, there was an increase in KPO energy intensity by 6.5% compared to 2014, which is associated with a decrease in hydrocarbon production due to limited gas supplies to the Orenburg Gas Processing plant and shutdowns at Unit 2.

The benchmarking has shown that KPO’s energy intensity is below the average indicator of the companies reporting to IOGP. The results of this analysis have shaped the basis for defining our energy policy, goals and objectives, and measures for energy saving and efficiency improvement of the Company.

Energy Management System

ISO certification contributes to enhancement of the KPO business reputation as a reliable partner of the Republic of Qazaqstan that takes appropriate action to meet both regulatory requirements and international standards.

In August 2021, KPO successfully conducted a certification audit for compliance with the ISO 50001:2018 standard. Following the audit, the KPO Energy Management System was recognized as corresponding to the international standards.

Energy Saving activities

Pursuant to the approved Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Action Plan, KPO took the following actions in 2021:

  • The activities on replacement of traditional lamps with LEDs bulbs at production and ancillary facilities were continued. In 2021, 4,917 lamps were replaced at the Company`s facilities. Estimated economy of energy consumption from the traditional lamps replacement was about 754,600 KW/h. In the period of 2019 — 2021, 10,385 lamps were replaced and around 1,271,230 KW/h saved.
  • Enhancement of fuel gas accounting works were continued:
    • installation of an ultrasonic flow meter at KPC section 5-340 — planned for the 3rd quarter of 2022;
    • installation of the metering device on the gas turbine of the re-injection compressors.
  • Training sessions were held for production departments employees on the energy management system ISO 50001:2018.