Case Studies

In this section, we share some examples of our engagement with relevant stakeholders aimed at raising the environmental awareness.


Context /
short description:

In 2021 KPO continued its activities on implementation of the ‘green office’ principles. The implementation of the ‘green’ principles contributes to maintaining and improving environmental culture, raising awareness of employees of the importance of the environmental issues and conscious care for the environment.


Also, the ‘green’ office concept motivates employees for participation in volunteer projects and development of eco-friendly behavior.


The targets of the ‘Green office 2021’ programme are as follows:

— reducing the ecological footprint of the Company’s offices,

— promotion of environment related ideas, and

— increasing loyalty of employees to the implementation of ‘green’ technologies and practices.

Solution /

In 2021 the target group for the implementation of the pilot project ‘KPO Green office’ included Uralsk Kurmangazy office and Karachaganak Business Center in Aksai. In these offices separate collection of plastic waste was put into practice with following transfer for recycling.


The project was launched by conduction of training and building a team of eco-volunteers. Over 200 KPO employees attended the eco-training in 2021 which included:

  • Training modules of the ‘green’ office programme for eco-volunteers who, in their turn, shared the obtained knowledge with their colleagues.
  • Eco-breaks for discussion of important issues on reduction of the ecological footprint in the offices and contribution of each employee in the creation of eco-friendly office.
  • Environmental seminars on ‘Management of material losses through waste management, or the most profitable eco-friendly habits’ with motivation speaker, environmental and healthy lifestyle coach. As a result of the seminar, many of the employees expressed their wish to become eco-volunteers in their departments.

The following indicators were selected for monitoring environmental performance of the offices:

  • Electricity consumption (kW);
  • Cold water consumption (m3);
  • Quantity of plastic waste generated (kg);
  • Quantity of waste paper (kg);
  • Quantity of used plastic tableware (pcs);


In December 2021 KPO Company won the II Republican Contest ‘Green office — 2021’ in the nomination for industrial companies.


The ‘Green office — 2021’ Contest was held upon an initiative of the Coalition for ‘green’ Economy and G-Global development with the support of the Ministry of Environment, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Qazaqstan and the OSCE Program office. The aims of the contest are promotion of eco-friendly life style, «green» and low-carbon technologies, improvement of environmental behavior in life, extension of best practices and technology solutions, as well as assistance in arrangement of comfortable labour conditions for promotion of respectful attitude to the environment. Over 100 organizations participated in this contest.


In 2022 activities on the implementation of the ‘green’ office principles will be continued in other KPO offices.


Above all, the ‘Green office’ project is necessary for reduction of negative impact on the environment from activities of people and organizations, but is not only a popular social trend.